We design cannabis brands.

Good is a creative studio dedicated to creating thoughtful, relevant brands that transform modern cannabis culture through strategy and design.

Our Capabilities



• Research
• Strategy
• Positioning
• Naming
• Identity



• Product Strategy and Innovation
- pre-rolls
- mints
- beverages
- gift-sets
- and more

• Packaging Design
• Packaging Development
• Packaging Production


Marketing and Retail

• Retail and Environmental Design: Whether it’s the design of your dispensary or a mobile booth for events, we can help you design an experience that gets noticed
• Point of Sale Displays: Stand out from competitors with unique displays, signage and more
• Activations and Experiences: Instagram-worthy campaigns
• Digital Design: Websites, landing pages and everything in between
• Sales Collateral: Budtender guides, brand books, and merchandise
• Advertisements: Compelling, compliant ads
• Original Branded Content: Photos, videos, stories and more



Applying for licenses is an extremely intense, competitive and fast-paced process. Having worked with some of the biggest law firms and most respected community activists and lobbyists, we understand all that’s involved to help you acquire a license for retail, manufacturing, delivery or on-site consumption. As design partners, we not only bring your vision to life through the branding, renderings and overall design of the application, but also encourage you to go the extra mile and consider areas of opportunity that your competitors may overlook.


A different kind of “cannabis design studio”

We don’t churn work or take the easy way out. We obsess over every detail and inspire you to think outside of the box. We’re devoted to utilizing high-end printing techniques, premium paper stocks, and experimental packaging solutions that have yet to be introduced in the cannabis industry. We believe these details matter and always opt for custom over off-the-shelf solutions.


1. Quality, not quantity

We’re committed to designing iconic brands and choose our projects carefully to ensure we’re working with a team that can execute our work in the right way.

2. Partners vs Clients

We consider our engagement a true collaboration and partnership. Our goal is for you to succeed, so we do what we can to add value and lend expertise that extends beyond design.


3. Inspire and Innovate

We want to show you what is possible and get you thinking bigger. We provide ideas that are not yet seen in the cannabis industry and then make those ideas a reality.

4. Details

From the brand story to identity all the way to packaging and marketing assets – we obsess over details that differentiate you in the market.

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