The Good Start

Throughout 2019, we’re accepting applications for The Good Start program– a partnership between us and you, where we invest our branding, packaging and design services in exchange for 5-10% of the company. As design partners, we develop your strategy, positioning, identity and packaging, while providing guidance and expertise in a number of areas from product development to marketing and more.

What we look for:


1. Team

First and foremost, this is a partnership between people. We have to believe in you; you have to believe in us. Your team’s experience is a big part of how successful you’ll be.


2. Vision

We need a clear articulation of what you’re trying to achieve and how you plan on getting there. Good design is only one  tiny part of success. We want to know about your product, how you’re ensuring quality of your product, what your sales and distribution plan is like and more


3. Money

Cannabis is expensive. Running a business with cannabis is expensive. We need to ensure you have the funds to build a real company and execute our work in the right way.